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Emotional Intelligence

On September 15th, we were lucky enough to have Elena Agaragimova from the University of Manchester join us in the Jadarah space. Together, she walked...

5 Tips for a Bright Digital Marketing Career

These tips can help you hit the ground running in one of the most in-demand professions   Digital Marketing is growing steadily, as it allows...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Career Planning

On Wednesday, September 4th, Elena Agragimova from the University of Manchester Middle East Center joined us at Jadarah for a session on career coaching. After...

A closer look at the new head of Jadarah: Meet Abdulaziz AlDawood

Intelligent, young, passionate and persistent. These are the words we use to describe Abdulaziz AlDawood, the new head of Jadarah. As a Strategy Assistant Manager...

5 must-watch TED talks to inspire your career in 2019

Inspiration can come from anywhere; a scientific fact about the human brain, a fascinating cultural story, a piece of modern art, or a blog post recommending the Jadarah Team’s 5 favourite TED talks to inspire your career!

How is Jadarah is going to change your life?

Supported by global tech-giants, here’s a fast track life-changing talent accelerator programme designed to kick-start your career amidst the best digital minds at work.

Top communication skills you’ll need to make it into Jadarah!

As you get closer to the final assessment, these practical & effective communication skills will help anchor the possibilities of scoring your way through into the 6-month programme!

Best performing analytical practices to help you make the cut!

In the next phase of the assessment, you will be evaluated on simple or complex problems presented. These basic tips are all you'll need to prep yourself into the 6-month programme.

Top 5 skills for an effective presentation

Eliminate fluff. Read more. Research even better. Make it tight, crisp & straight-to-the-point. Learn more on the top 5 skills to make it through the presentation-test for Jadarah.

Developing brand perceptions & positioning strategies

Creating compelling experiences can deepen consumer engagement. Week 6 at Jadarah involved an interactive approach of understanding marketing & positioning in the digital landscape.

The importance of culture in a company

At the recent Jadarah trainings, we integrated a host of leisure activities, to encourage innovation and problem-solving, setting the tone for an avant-garde work culture.

5 presentation mistakes every early professional should avoid

Public speaking can be daunting, but with the right technique in place, you can say goodbye to ‘stage fright’ We all know that presenting can...

Gender diversity in the workplace

Gender diversity in the workplace is not just critical to a company's success, but also vital in terms of driving innovation & transforming the way organisations conduct business.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: The road to success!

The entrepreneurial mindset is about approaching challenges from a different standpoint. However, eventually, it's about the inherent necessity to improve skill set and never give up.

Learnings on creating a user-friendly product

Week 4 at Jadarah was designed to be a User experience week, where trainees were oriented into the world of UX as a way of developing and sustaining a product best fitted for a user.