Emotional Intelligence

On September 15th, we were lucky enough to have Elena Agaragimova from the University of Manchester join us in the Jadarah space. Together, she walked us through the importance of emotional intelligence, as well as stress management tips. As Dale Carnegie puts it: “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotions.” 

Emotional intelligence has become a topic of much discussion and more importance than ever before. Some even say that it is even more important than IQ. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is defined as the ability to manage one’s own emotions, as well as managing and recognizing the emotions of others. 

According to Elena, there are five components that constitute emotional intelligence. 

  • Self-awareness:

Your ability to perceive and understand the level of knowledge, value, skills, and responsibility that one uses when it is related to emotions.

  • Self-regulation:

Your ability to control your own emotions, desires, as well as behaviors to reach positive outcomes.

  • Motivation:

Your personal drive, commitment, initiative, and any factors that push one to achieve goals and opportunities.

  • Empathy:

Your ability to feel with another person and the capacity to see things from someone else’s position and perspective.

  • Social Skills:

These are skills that are required in order to handle and/or influence the emotions of other people. For example: smiling to someone and knowing that it will make them smile in return.

We learned so much from all this valuable information about how to actively become more emotionally intelligent. We cannot wait to see how the candidates use this in their day-to-day endeavours! 





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