Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme?

There is a high demand from the Middle East private sector, for competent local talent, with a balance between education and relevant on-the-job training. Nurturing innovative talent is a fundamental priority because of the immense benefits it brings to the economy and society. The five month, intensive Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme, an initiative by Seera Group, is designed to develop and enhance career prospects in areas of strategic entrepreneurial and digital management for the Arab youth. This will be established by training and developing the candidate’s soft and hard skills, through on-the-job work experience, training and mentorship, and networking opportunities, needed in the job market particularly in the innovative technology companies.


Who is the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme for?

The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme is for KSA or GCC nationals and Arab nationals residing in the GCC, who are fresh university graduates or individuals with less than 3 years of work experience with backgrounds in business and technology development.


What will the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme entail?

  • Training
  • Mentorship
  • Networking events and community building
  • On-the-job work experience and setting up new ventures
  • Rotation within dynamic departments of a fast growing company


What is the duration of the Programme?

The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme will run for five consecutive months, starting September until January from 9am – 6pm, everyday for 5 days a week, excluding weekends (Friday and Saturday) and public holidays.


What is the target age group of the candidates?

The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme is for candidates between 21-26 years of age.


On what criteria are the candidates for the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme chosen?

The selection process of the candidates for the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme are based on the following criteria:

  • The candidate must be a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) national or Arab resident from the GCC
  • The candidate should be a university graduate with high academic achievements 3.5/4 GPA or equivalent
  • The candidate should be a university graduate with high academic achievements
  • The candidate should have a valid university degree in business or technology development
  • The candidate should be proficient in Arabic and English


Where will the Programme be based?

The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme will be based in Dubai


How many candidates will make the cut?

20 successful KSA/GCC nationals and Arab nationals residing in the GCC will be chosen post the assessment, for the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme.


What does the Jadarah Talent Accelerator assessment entail?

The Jadarah Talent Accelerator assessment entails:

  • Analytical Test
  • Presentation
  • Group Exercise
  • Interview with senior employees


How long is the assessment for?

The assessment for the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme will be one-day event only, in Dubai (location), where candidates will be screened.


How many candidates will be considered for this programme, in its second cohort?

In its second cohort, 20 candidates will be chosen based on a rigorous selection process by industry professionals.


Will there be a salary or a compensation given to candidates?

There will be a fixed compensation to cover living expenses only.


Will there be accommodation offered to students?

There will be accommodation provision for only GCC students who are not based in the UAE.


On what competencies, will applicants be selected?

Applicants will be evaluated through a rigorous selection process, at an assessment centre that will require them to present, participate in a group exercise, and be prepared to be interviewed in accordance to four essential competencies:

  • Teamwork: As a team member, the ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn to work together.
  • Persuasive Communication: The ability to plan and deliver oral and written communications that make an impact and persuade their intended audience.
  • Analytical Thinking: The ability to tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic and sequential approach.
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation: The ability to look for and seize profitable business opportunities; willingness to take calculated risks, so as to achieve business goals.


Will the programme guarantee all candidates jobs, upon completion?

Upon a five month completion, the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme will offer four different career options, based on the performance and output levels of the candidates. They are:

  • Work on a start-up venture within Seera Group
  • Work within the Seera Group Business Unit departments
  • Join one of our Programme Partners
  • Access to the alumni network and job postings


What are the benefits of joining the programme?

The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme is designed to guarantee you a fast-track access to the limitless opportunities available in the digital market, enabling you to meet your career aspirations that include:

  • An intensive 5-month Programme
  • Training and Mentorship
  • On-the-Job Experience
  • Networking Events and Community Building


Who are the partners of the programme?

The intensive five month Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme founded by Seera Group has partnered with regional and global digital giants such as: Google, Twitter, Amadeus and Udacity, to meet the distinct demands of technology and online businesses in the Middle East. With a clear focus on finding motivated and tech-savvy Arab youth, the programme is designed to to expand the scope and competency of regional talent within the innovative technology companies.


How is the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme different from other programmes in the market?

  • The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme is distinct and one-of-a-kind as it is prudently designed, keeping the needs of the talented pool of Arab youth, the regional market and the global economy in mind.
  • It is also unique from a perspective, that it helps widen opportunities available to the Arab youth, away from traditional sectors.
  • The Programme exposes the prospective candidates on skill sets needed for an innovative fast-pace environment (eg: Agile methodology, Google Analytics etc.

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