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Jadarah Terms and Conditions


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  • If the website considers that you have breached any of these terms and conditions or have otherwise demonstrated inappropriate conduct when using the website, Seera Group reserves the right to warn you that you have breached these terms and conditions, and ask you to stop such conduct.


    • By choosing to be a part of the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme, you agree to commit yourself full-fledgedly to the stated 5-month programme from September until January, from 9am – 6pm, everyday for 5 days a week, excluding weekends (Friday and Saturday) and public holidays.
    • Prior to joining the programme, candidates will be asked to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • If there is no commitment adhered to for the programme, Seera Group reserves the right to disqualify the said candidate without any notice period.
    • 20 candidates will be chosen for the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme based on a rigorous selection process by industry professionals, on the following criteria compulsorily:
      • Analytical Test
      • Presentation
      • Group Exercise
      • Interview with senior employees

Failing to meet this criteria, Seera Group reserves the right to reject any applications.

  • The Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme is for candidates between 21-26 years of age who are GCC citizens and Arab residents based in the GCC, and are fresh university graduates or individuals with less than 3 years of work experience with backgrounds in business and technology development. If the candidate does not meet the age and citizenship criteria, Seera Group reserves the right to reject such application.
  • There is no course fee to join the programme. The candidate is chosen on the application and the programme assessment basis at the assessment centre
  • There will be an ongoing PR programme through the course of the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme that will include: candidate interviews, social media snapshots, videos/audios, photography and other related PR elements. Should the candidate not wish to be included in this PR programme, they can speak to the Jadarah coordinator and have them excluded on prior request.
  • By choosing to be a part of the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme, you agree to have your profile shared with the partner companies for their record, to be utilised for potential vacancies or any corporate programmes.
  • There is no guarantee for employment / job placement upon graduation from the programme.


  • Seera Group requires the student to be enrolled for straightforward five month programme. No mid-term withdrawals are allowed.
  • For any given reason, if the candidate wishes to terminate his/her agreement to the programme, Seera Group will need an official email of the candidate’s expressed intention to terminate attendance to the programme This notice must be submitted at least one (1) month before the end of the term.


  • Graduates should be aware that they are attending the course to study, learn and secure a potential position in an organization, and are expected to behave responsibly at all times. The select successful candidates for the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme are expected to showcase ethical and moral behaviour through the course of the programme.
  • Activities that would cause disturbance to other graduates or the company personnels, will result in instant dismissal from the course.
  • Outfit and attire during the programme will entail business casual / modest dressing.
  • Graduates have the responsibility to file their lesson materials (notes, worksheets, diagnostic tests). An additional cost will be incurred in the event that the materials are missing.
  • Graduates are not allowed to share or disseminate any material by the company and its partners, or anyone who is not a participant in Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme. Confidentiality of the company, its contents, and operations should be taken seriously, and should be maintained all through the programme.
  • All company assets are the company property, and should be maintained with utmost discipline and care.
  • Several sessions of the programme will be presented by non-Arabic speakers. Mastering English is a must to meet the criteria of Jadarah Talent Accelerator programme.
  • When a candidate signs up for the programme from outside Dubai, the candidate will be travelling to Dubai at the headquarters of the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme.
  • Travel expenses are not covered during the programme. The candidates will have to manage their travel to and from the place of residency to the business unit.


  • While the company and its officials will exercise utmost care and precautions to ensure the safety of every graduate during the programme, graduates accept that mishaps and accidents may occur due to circumstances beyond the company’s control. Therefore, all graduates agree that Seera Group cannot be held liable for such incidents and will thus indemnify the company against such liability.
  • Graduates will accept full liability for any damage caused by them to premises where programmes are conducted.
  • The company will not be responsible or liable for the loss of any personal property in the company’s premises.

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