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Seera is the most knowledgeable, accomplished and diverse provider of travel services in the Middle East and North Africa region. A balanced portfolio of brands across six verticals within the travel and tourism industry positions Seera as a significant contributor to the growth of the domestic, inbound and outbound tourism economies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a best-in-class business partner in unlocking the opportunities in the region. Providing technology powered travel services for consumers, businesses, government partners and religious pilgrims, Seera provides the opportunity to travel in the Kingdom, across the region, and beyond, like never before.

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Abdulrahman Mutrib

CTO of Seera Group

Abdullah Al Dawood

Managing Director & CEO of Seera Group

Abdulaziz Aldawood

Head of Jadarah


Our partners help boost a graduate's career profile by leading them into discovering different facets of the profession, building practical and technical experiences, market intelligence, knowledge-sharing trips, training and networking extensively within the organizational framework. Here's what they had to say about Jadarah 2018:

Al Tayyar Travel Group HoldingBenjamin Ampen

Managing Director, MENA

Al Tayyar Travel Group HoldingBilal Kabbani

Industry Head, Travel

Al Tayyar Travel Group HoldingAl Tayyar Travel Group Holding

Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MEA

Al Tayyar Travel Group HoldingHisham Elaraby

Regional Director, MENA



Mentors - 2019

Our mentors are the prodigious force behind helping graduates jumpstart their career in a direction best suited to their skills. The mentors of the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme guide, support, and train graduates and early professionals in becoming the new wave of digital entrepreneurs and tech professionals.

Executive VP of Consumer Travel Business Unit

Seera Group

Head of Products

Seera Group

Director of Strategy

Seera Group

VP of Data

Seera Group

Head of Communications

Seera Group

Product Owner of Cross-Products

Seera Group

Head of Brand

Seera Group

Head of Technology

Seera Group

Head of Partnerships for the Consumer Travel Unit

Seera Group

Commercial Director

Seera Group

Software Development Manager

Seera Group

Speakers - 2019

On a weekly basis, the Jadarah Talent Accelerator Programme invites influential speakers who’ll share their knowledge, expertise, and insights. Our goal is to inspire and empower graduates with adequate learning tools as well as steering prospects in the current job market of emerging innovative technology companies.


Seera Group

Co-Founder and Chief Privacy Officer




Founding Partner


Manager Careers & Alumni Department

University of Manchester Middle East Centre

Active investor

SMEs and growth companies in KSA and USA

President & Managing Member

Graphene Ventures LLC