Learnings on creating a user-friendly product

The team at Seera Group with their expertise on travel design for users, shared their knowledge with the Jadarah trainees in week 4 of their learning. The trainees were led into understanding their customers, how to interview and survey people – their likes and dislikes – so when they build their product, they build it keeping the customer in mind, rather than developing products that are not user-friendly.

On the fun side of things, balancing work and pressures that come with intensive learning, the trainees winded down a bit and enjoyed a game of football with team Tajawal and Almosafer – a means of networking with the team, is joining them as a team!

And then back on the drawing board, the trainees were made to work on real business cases – where they were assigned to research and explore the London market for being the most approachable destination for KSA travellers. The trainees were presented customer personas of KSA travellers flying to London – luxury, long-stay and budget traveller, as well as people travelling for friends and family or students going to school.

The trainees were divided into four core groups – each group tackled different segments under three different aspects:

Primary Research to create a survey that matches each segment.

Collecting secondary data to understand the behaviour of Saudi travellers to London.

Create storyboards for each segment that sketches out a day in the life of a Saudi traveller, and translate the journey to life.

The trainees were put under an emergency exercise with a 24-hour turnaround time to present the user experience and persona as a way to test their mettle and determine their capacity to work under pressure.

These time-constrained modules were not only designed as a training component to work on the edge, but also to help translate the trainee’s original composition of work to business.

Next week at Jadarah, the trainees will get a chance to have engaging discussions with startup entrepreneurs and digital tech leaders from the industry and, get an inside into the smartest most valuable ways of pitching business ideas effectively! Stay tuned.

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