Top communication skills you’ll need to make it into Jadarah!

Top 3 communication skills you’ll need, to master your way through Jadarah.

Communication and speaking skills are a mainstay in taking charge of your career, especially when you’re starting out in the digital-world. Even more, because you are that much closer to getting through the intensive 6-month Jadarah programme!

Effective communication skills help you develop the critical habit of expressing yourself purposefully. Use these brief reminders to aid you in becoming an outstanding communicator at the assessment centre, and eventually on the job.


King of all communication skills, clarity is the foundation for all business and personal verbal success, whether spoken or written. Even the most comprehensible presentation, report or opinion can be rendered ineffective if readers and listeners are unclear of your point. Before fluency, strive for clarity first.


Succinct ways of putting your point across, and eliminating the unnecessary can not just save time, but also define your stance or opinion definitely. The rule of thumb for public speaking skills is being concise, and being concise implies respecting time constraints of your listeners and readers. It also means, you are accountable with every word you use. Stick to your point, state your position as briefly as possible. Much like the creed of all writers, “show, don’t tell,” being concise delivers a clear picture of the purpose and subject of your communication.


Being firm in your speaking skills involves using suitable grammar and spelling, along with customising your oral or written communication to your audience. Strive to make your communications more nuanced, defined, crisp, correct in content, point-of-view and message.

All you need is a robe of confidence, a cape of conviction, and armed with these handy tips on effective communication skills, you are all set and ready to take-off with Jadarah!

Good luck!

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