Top 5 skills for an effective presentation

The simple & best performing analytical practices you’ll need, to get through Jadarah!


Make an impact at the first go

The inception of your presentation is vital. You need to grab your audience’s attention and really hold it – get it right at the first go. You dip down with a dull beginning, there is a absolutely no guarantee on how much you can hold the business presentation together, tight and neat. Make a statement – and do it from the start itself and you are raring strong!

Know your content inside-out

Practice your material enough that it becomes a part of you. The quality of your presentation idea isn’t simply based on your content alone – but more so on how you connect to the audience whilst putting forth your message forward. Presentation is a two-way dialogue – grasp your material thoroughly to strike a connection right away.

Focus on your audience

Your audience is there to obtain and learn the information you are providing. They are vested in your success and excited about what you have to say or they wouldn’t be there. By focusing on them, and what you plan to share, your focus becomes the content, not how you look or sound.

Work on Your Pauses

Being nervous prior to a business presentation is very natural. And here’s where it gets even more sticky – when you’re nervous, it’s easy to speed up and end up talking too fast, running you out of breath. Pausing is the ultimate savior! Pausing can be used to accentuate certain points and help your presentation flow more freely, making it more conversational. If you feel yourself losing control of your pacing, just move into a nice pause and keep cool.

10-20-30 rule for slideshows

A sure shot bait-snatch this rule is. Guy Kawasaki of Apple lays it down to the bones:

Retain no more than 10 slides

Last no more than 20 minutes; and

Use a font size of no less than 30-point

Lastly, less is always more. Keep it simple, crisp, and accurately in-sync with your subject. Best of luck!

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