The importance of culture in a company

What does it really mean to have a robust workplace culture?

At the very core – a) the overarching characteristics, persona, and vibe of an organisation b) how people interact with each other c) how efficiency is achieved, while work satisfaction, relationships, and progression are measured absolutely. Having said so, there is remarkably much more to a good workplace culture than just this surface representation.

But, does that imply, that a workplace culture is all just work?

Since the launch of the 6-month programme, Jadarah has imbibed classroom training, mentorship with successful leaders and industry experts from the region, one-on-one coaching, tech tours and more. The programme has already set the tone for an intensive experience, preparing young Arab leaders of today for an enormous shift in perception in the Middle East and global tech landscape.

This can only be achieved in essence when recreation and play are integrated into the work culture of today. And that is exactly what the founders aim to do. At the recent Jadarah training programme, we interspersed a host of leisure activities, designed to enable and encourage innovation and problem-solving on a daily basis.

Amongst the recreational events that we have organised the last few months of the programme, the trainees have enjoyed a movie night, bowling game, and a picnic in a sprawling park on a lovely winter morning of Dubai.

Paul J. Zak, author and professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology, and Management at Claremont Graduate University, spent eight years measuring brain activity and oxytocin levels (a powerful hormone that regulates interpersonal feelings tied to trust) while people worked and engaged in leisure-based activities. Not only did his research show that organisational trust is critical to performance, but it also pointed out eight ways to build and quantify its existence in the workplace.

Zak came across numerous studies that demonstrated the importance of relationships, friendships, health and productivity, retention and overall job satisfaction.

Organisations can encourage their employees to intentionally build relationships by rewarding positive outcomes from collaboration and teamwork. If companies fail to demonstrate this aspect in a workplace consistently, then employees won’t go out of their way to build interdependent networks. People are interested in connecting with others, achieving their goals, and gaining greater satisfaction as they evolve throughout their career.

As we come closer to the last 3-months of the programme, we are opening doors to individuals, to experience culture first-hand from our colleagues who continuously work to develop innovation within the organisation.

Collaborative experiences provide a chance to associate and take risks in order to achieve success. Empowering the youth will help them take new roles and responsibilities, and bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Stay tuned on the next phase of Jadarah, when the talents will finally enter the real business world, and job-rotate through the many departments within the Online Business Unit.

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