Entrepreneurial Mindset: The road to success!

It is where Jadarah is pursuing to strengthen this mindset, so as to enhance the right skill set for the purpose of career opportunities for young Arabs.

The entrepreneurial mindset is what you need to propel yourself forward. This mindset can douse as you get succumbed in the daily grind of overwhelming information, insights, and challenges. But by making an effort to embody its ways, you position yourself to meet everyday challenges and experience growth.

The following week at Jadarah was focused on gaining entrepreneurial skills at work, and the learnings were rich nuggets of wisdom – not to be afraid of change, or hold the fear of missing out and thereby influence decision-making, encouraging other teams to inculcate the virtue of good team spirit and finding that special idea in what makes a business concept work..

Above all, the entrepreneurial mindset is about being committed to your vision regardless of the challenges and obstacles along the way. It is about seeing mistakes as an opportunity for growth and not as something to be feared. It is equally about approaching problems from a range of different ways.

This was reflected through the inspirational sessions from key entrepreneurs from the region, including Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding’s Managing Director & CEO, Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawood and Aysha Al Mudhaf, Youth Empowerment Analyst at Zain Group who shared their knowledge, expertise, and tips on being a successful Arab entrepreneur.

Over the next few weeks, trainees will be trained under some of the Jadarah partners, while inhouse, they will be oriented on user experience and products that are usable on the tech-front, business case studies and research on new market launches for Arab travellers.

Stay tuned for more exciting learnings and stories coming in!

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