How is Jadarah is going to change your life?


The Middle East is a confluence of a rich talent-pool that holds the potential of scaling-up the regional economy to unparalleled levels of growth.


There aren’t enough resources or youth mentoring programs available for young Arab grads that will prepare them with the knowledge and hands-on experience required in the current job market, especially in the innovative technology companies.


This is where Jadarah attempts to become a catalyst of change – the Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit joined forces with global tech-giants: Google, Twitter, Amadeus, Facebook, and Udacity, to launch Jadarah – a unique and first-of-its-kind talent accelerator program and mentorship initiative that nurtures and empowers Arab talent.

Made in the region

100% locally curated in the region, for the region’s youth community, the intensive mentorship program is designed to scale your career aspirations and open a world of opportunities, helping you become the next wave of digital explorers, Arab entrepreneurs, and business-savvy innovators of the MENA region.

Made in the region

an Arab national, who is 21-29 years of age, a fresh university graduate or an individual with less than 3 years of professional work experience with backgrounds in business or technology development.

6-months that will change your life

Designed as a comprehensive 6-month mentoring program, Jadarah will be offering potential candidates the opportunity to empower themselves in areas of — Business or Technology Development.

And at the end of the youth mentoring program, you’ll either get to:

work on a startup venture

a full-time gig at the Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit

a chance to work for the partner companies

access the programme’s alumni events and job postings

Top 30 make the cut

Top 30 successful applicants will gain entrepreneurial skills through an all-inclusive on-the-job training, under the leadership of some of the most brilliant minds in the regional and global digital industry. These top 30 candidates will be chosen through a rigorous assessment – learn more about the application to Jadarah

The Jadarah talent accelerator program lets each participant rotate between different areas of the business, to experience various roles within the organisation. Candidates will also be assigned to a dedicated mentor and will have the opportunity to join weekly guest-speaking slots to build and enhance their networking space.

A refreshing approach to career in the Middle East

Never has a programme been created before in the region, that will render young people an insight into some of the world’s most successful businesses and provide them with all the necessary tools to strive for their own success in the digital space. Jadarah is a refreshing approach for the Middle Eastern youth, and for the future of young Arab entrepreneurs, equipping them with essential competencies and practices to strive for excellence in the regional tech-sector by learning everything on-the-job. A truly enriching way to kick-start a career amidst the best minds at work.

Want to be ahead of the tech-game, and learn the tools on-the-job? Join forces with some of the best and brightest with Jadarah – Apply Now!

13 June, 2018

About us

A 5-month unique graduate programme aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, designed for the aspiring young Arab digital explorers, entrepreneurs & tech-savvy talent of the region, with an opportunity to be exposed to global tech-giants.

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