The Do’s and Don’ts of Career Planning

On Wednesday, September 4th, Elena Agragimova from the University of Manchester Middle East Center joined us at Jadarah for a session on career coaching. After encouraging the candidates to network and to find things in common, she gave them a couple of tips on how to guide themselves towards a successful future:

  • Do try to understand yourself:

Career-wise, what role do you think suits you best? Analyze what type of personality you have, and think about your skills and strengths. From there, you can narrow down the industries and roles you might be interested in, and start listing your goals.

  • Don’t do something to satisfy others:

At the start of your career, you might feel pressured to choose a certain career path to satisfy your family and close ones. Instead of focusing on what others think, take a healthy decision that will ignite your passion, and help you succeed in an environment that you are most comfortable in.

  • Do your best to create a realistic timeline:

Once you’ve set your short-term goals, you should work on a timeline to ensure that you are on the right path to fulfilling those goals. Think about the who/where/what/how of every goal to get an idea of how much time and effort is needed to reach an ideal situation.

  • Don’t ignore your mid and long-term goals:

You might be tempted to give more attention to tasks that will satisfy you in the short-term. Which is why setting clear long-term goals will help boost your energy and keep you motivated. To some, this might be difficult, but the trick is to consider how your personal attributes can be put to best use, and how you can develop them to realise your full executive potential.

The Jadarah 2019 candidates have been enjoying the sessions so far, and are excited to put all the tips and tricks into action in the near future. We look forward to hearing more from Elena Agragimova in the upcoming weeks! 



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