5 Tips for a Bright Digital Marketing Career

These tips can help you hit the ground running in one of the most in-demand professions  

Digital Marketing is growing steadily, as it allows both small businesses and enterprises to reach the world with fewer costs than traditional marketing methods. Today, digital marketers are one of the most in-demand professionals in the modern workforce.

At Jadarah, we aim to provide the most innovative digital thinkers with the tools they need to excel in a digital marketing career. Below are five tips we find useful. Please share with us any other helpful tips for the Jadarah community. 

Dive into the digital world with professional certificates:

Never underestimate getting experience in an internship or training early on in your career. Building your route with some educational background is advisable. You do not necessarily need a university certificate, it can be some online courses that offer you the chance to learn!

Nowadays, there are a lot of online/offline courses you can indulge in. Check out the online course available on the biggest learning websites: LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Udacity.. etc. Once you finish the general courses, you can then decide on which area you want to specialize in. Which marketing role do you want to play? Is it in SEO, SEM, CRM, Content, Social Media …etc.?

Getting a certificate from a well-known institute and mastering a particular skill will enrich your CV and enable you to become a demanded applicant.

Stay up to date and be curious:

Digital marketing has no limits! You should always be thirsty and willing to learn more.

New skills, new trends, new technology, whenever you find it, take the chance and learn it. This could be through a post on Linkedin, a tweet or a blog. Don’t scroll down, dive in and read more details.

Stay informed about the new tools tech-led companies are using now! Follow them on social media and check it on your morning commute or while having your coffee. 

In addition to that, you can attend seminars, workshops, events or conferences to gain more knowledge and meet professionals.

Enhance your analytical thinking:

Return on investment is now an essential measurement in most digital marketing campaigns. You will need some basic knowledge of the analytical concept to get a full understanding of your website. 

With analytics, you can know how many people are coming to your website and when. How to optimize targeting to reach a more relevant audience? What is the best time you should add social media posts? Which channel is the most effective? Educate yourself and experiment by setting up campaigns with small-budget to get hands-on experience. 

Study your audience and identify your market:

Though it goes without saying, most marketers struggle to understand the target audience they are trying to connect with. 

Cultivating empathy and understanding their pain points will get you to have the right mindset when creating content, executing campaigns or coming up with witty taglines. Think about: which keywords they use when they search for products similar to yours. Think about which channel is better to reach them (facebook, twitter, Pinterest, snapchat), and how to measure engagement. 

Keep in your mind content is king! And your brand should be distinguished with its creative writing that will be aligned with its vision and tone.

Be social! 

Ever heard of the Arabic proverb “Give the bread dough to its baker”? It emphasizes on the importance of expertise. How would one prove their expertise in digital marketing? 

Through personal branding: your own profile on LinkedIn, and Twitter or WordPress blog should be able to speak of your own knowledge about digital marketing. Keep your bio updated, write about your hobbies and show your creative persona. You can get more recommendations by seeking feedback from professionals, following them, and engaging through comments to their content. 


Whether you want to learn about some industry insights or get practical learning from experts working in some of the world’s most well-known companies and institutions, Jadarah is here to help! 

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